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Bounce back Loans - Be Careful if using them to pay Directors

By stuart ramsay on May 16, 2020

Bounce back Loans (BBL's) have been a great mechanism during COVID-19 for businesses to get their hands on cash quickly and with little red tape.  Their presence means that a lot of businesses will be able to trade comfortably for the next few months

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The covid-19 Top up business grant fund

By stuart ramsay on May 12, 2020

When the initial COVID -19 business rates grants were issued in March, they left many small businesses who don't pay rates with a problem.  They had similar business property costs to those who qualified for small business rates relief, but couldn't claim anything to help them cover those costs

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COVID-19 Furloughing Directors.....

By stuart ramsay on Apr 07, 2020

We've been asked several questions about whether Directors can be furloughed, and, if they can, what's the procedure.

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COVID-19 library of resources

By stuart ramsay on Apr 04, 2020

We have been and will continue to be publishing various pieces of content to support you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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COVID-19....3 tools to help you create your battle plan

By stuart ramsay on Mar 31, 2020


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COVD-19 Our Initial response

By stuart ramsay on Mar 26, 2020



We’d normally be focusing on tax planning & budget setting at this point in the year.  The main topic for conversations with our clients though, as expected, is all around Coronavirus, and the implications it may have on their business.