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Can my Limited Company buy me a Bike (or E-Bike) ?

By stuart ramsay on Dec 15, 2021

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint, get fit or just avoid over-busy public transport?, then buying a bike through your Limited Company, might be the solution for you!

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Tax-free childcare for small businesses.  how does it work?

By stuart ramsay on Nov 12, 2021

With more and more parents working full time, child care costs can be a serious consideration

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Mobile phones...A Tax Free benefit!

By stuart ramsay on Nov 12, 2021

As more and more people are working away from the office, providing employees with mobile phones can be a wonderful, tax-free, benefit that you can offer.

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March 2021 Budget - the headlines

By stuart ramsay on Mar 03, 2021

This lunchtime, Rishi Sunak delivered his budget for the forthcoming year.  A mixed bag of news.......

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3 great reasons to set an annual budget....

By stuart ramsay on Nov 20, 2020

Yeah, we get it.....setting budgets is boring

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Are you the payroll expert we're looking for?

By stuart ramsay on Nov 18, 2020

We are seeking an experienced payroll administrator to join our busy payroll team on a permanent basis up to 20/25 hours per week

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extra help during covid-19 "hot off the press"

By stuart ramsay on Sep 24, 2020

Rishi Sunak has just finished his speech and announcements of the next raft of support for small businesses.

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COVID-19 small business recovery grant

By stuart ramsay on Sep 16, 2020

The Government today (15th September) launch a £20m "business recovery support grant", which is available to all small businesses 

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Government summer update...incentives to get us back to work and spending

By stuart ramsay on Jul 08, 2020

This lunchtime, the Chancellor delivered his "Summer Update", announcing various initiatives to retain/ create jobs and get the economy moving again.

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How using xero can improve your cashflow

By stuart ramsay on Jul 06, 2020

Cash & cashflow have become the main focus for agencies during 2020....and rightly so!