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2 min read

Bounce back Loans - Be Careful if using them to pay Directors

Bounce back Loans (BBL's) have been a great mechanism during COVID-19 for businesses to get their hands on cash quickly...

1 min read

The covid-19 Top up business grant fund

When the initial COVID -19 business rates grants were issued in March, they left many small businesses who don't pay...

3 min read

COVID-19 Furloughing Directors.....

We've been asked several questions about whether Directors can be furloughed, and, if they can, what's the procedure.


1 min read

COVID-19 library of resources

We have been and will continue to be publishing various pieces of content to support you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

2 min read

COVID-19....3 tools to help you create your battle plan



All the focus up to now has been around understanding the Government legislation and how to access what's on...

5 min read

COVD-19 Our Initial response



We’d normally be focusing on tax planning & budget setting at this point in the year.  The main topic for...